Robert Franklin Orovio



My Father passed away on June 22nd, 2007 at the age of 59.

He was a great man who engrained into me a love for adventure and a respect for others less fortunate than myself. He was always there for me and I always knew that regardless of circumstance, he'd stand by my side!

As a child he took me on many different adventures. Belize, Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Cozumel, Grand Canyon, Oregon Redwoods, Disneyland and world, Costa Rica Rain forest and whitewater rafting, Deep Sea Fishing in the Sea of Cortez, Florida Keys several times, Drove OVER the Colorado Rockies past the timberline, Road trips thru Vermont, Countless camp outs at San Luis Pass and other beaches - Crabbing, Fishing, out-running Hurricane Alicia by 20 minutes back to Houston! Cliff Diving Lake Travis to kite flying at Allen Parkway - Crossing the bayou in the woods over fallen trees - Riding the train as much as I wanted at the zoo - Riding on his handle bars in Montrose - I love my Dad!

Some of the most memorable times were the summer months when he'd take me to the Carabbean and we'd pitch our tent in remote areas and stay for a month or 2! He bought me my first speargun when I wasn't even big enough to load it! Taught me how to spear Lobster and I am blessed to have recently done this with my own children for the first time!

He is survived by myself and his three grandchildren Isabella Noel Orovio, Alexander Robert Orovio, and ChloƩ Ariel Orovio. He was affectionatly known to them as "Grand Papa" and some of Bella & Alex's best memories are of him taking them to the park by pulling them in the wagon - He did this every chance he could. He is missed and loved by them very much.

He always made it a point to drill into me the wrongs of racism. Growing up he always went the extra mile to help the less fortunate. I recall countless times of going with him to impoverished communities with bags of clothes and watching him find the house with the most little kids running around it. He'd go right up to the door and drop off bags of clothes like he was Santa Clause! After we returned from an adventure in the Rainforest I watched him leave his perfectly good shoes under a bush in a small village so that someone else might be blessed by finding them after we left - THAT is the kind of man my father was.

I've yet to meet anyone from his side of my bloodline. To date I know he was adopted thru the Depelchin Center in Houston, Texas to Frank and Earnestine Orovio. His original birth name I'm told is Bobbie Brown and he was born in Galveston, Texas. He remembers having many brothers and sisters who also went to the adoption agency. He said that his mother abandoned them all except for 2 of them and remembers neighbors and older siblings trying to take care of him. Eventually Protective Services took him. Except for a few other details, this is the extent of my knowledge of my true lineage from my father's side. Hopefully I will be blessed one day to meet my aunts and uncles so I can hear their story. Until then I stand proudly by the fact that I am the son of my Father - Robert Franklin Orovio! Rest In Peace Dad, I love you.